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National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

by Carla Ching
Directed by Melissa Foulger
September 21 – October 21, 2018 (Press Opening: September 28)
with Ash Anderson, Kevin Qian, Liza Jaine, Marcellis Cutter and Wai Yim

Alix lives with her family in a tiny motel room, caring for her brothers while her newly single mom figures out a plan. Her classmate Mason lives alone in a grand, empty house, composing music while his absent father runs jobs for the Hong Kong mafia.   Until the day his father disappears and Mason has to figure out how to come up with grocery money and dodge Child Services and U.S. Immigration.  Mason and Alix develop an unlikely friendship, learning to scrape by and trying to outrun their parents’ mistakes together. A play about motel kids and parachute kids raising themselves and living without a safety net in a land of plenty.



The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
directed by Pam Joyce
with Vivi Thai and Jack Ha
Understudies: Valerie Love and Joseph Pendergrast

Stage Manager: Sharon Estella
Sound Designer: Anna Lee
Scenic Design Assistant: Eric Chamness
Costume Designer: Jae Hee Kim
Projection Designer: Sherry Zhao
Props Designer: Jillian Haughey
Lighting Designer: Matthew Peddie
Directing Assistant: Melanie Sheahan

September 7-30 2018



The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
Theatre Off Jackson
Produced by Midnight Rice
directed by Jasmine Joshua
July 20-August 5
Featuring Van Pham and Stephanie Padilla

Nomad Motel

Written by Carla Ching
Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

The not-so-sunny side of California is nothing new to Alix: she’s bouncing between motel rooms taking care of her brothers for her mostly MIA mother. Her classmate Mason is a budding songwriter trying to keep off the radar of his absent father’s Hong Kong mafia friends. Together, the savvy teens must learn to scrape by without giving up their dreams. This world premiere play by newcomer Carla Ching (Fear the Walking Dead, Amazon’s I Love Dick) is a coming-of-age tale about making something out of nothing in the land of plenty.

May 12 through June 3, 2018
Running Time: Approximately 2 hours including intermission.

Stage: Main Stage

Pay-What-You-Want Previews: May 12 – 17, 2018. Tell us what you want to pay during our five preview performance. Purchase online or through the Box Office.

Opening Night: Friday, May 18, 2018 at 8:00pm

Greenroom: Friday, May 25, 2018 at 8:00pm

ASL Interpreted Performance: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 7:00pm

Audio Description/Open Captioning: Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 2:00pm



Nomad Motel at
Asian American Mixfest
at the Atlantic Theatre
directed by Ed Iskandar
Monday, August 14th
Featuring Molly Griggs, Alex Hernandez, Ken Leung, Heidi Schreck
and Christopher Larkin


Nomad Motel
at the National New Play Network Showcase of New Plays
directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw
Ashton Fortune, Heather Hanna, Christopher Larkin, Rommel Sulit and Max Torrez
stage managed by Jasmine Kurys
Dec 9-11
Austin, TX

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
directed by Bevin O’Gara
featuring Nelson Lee and Maureen Sebastian
as part of the Breaking Ground Festival
at the Huntington Theatre
Sunday, Dec 4, 2016
Deane Hall – Calderwood Pavilion


The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
at Mu Performing Arts
September 2016

directed by Randy Reyes
Featuring Sun Mee Chomet and Sherwin Resurreccion

Stage Manager Katie Kenfield 
Set/Lighting Designer Sarah Brandner 
Technical Director Jason Allyn-Schwerin 
Props Designer Merritt Rodriguez
Costume Designer Aaron Chvatal 
Sound Designer Akiem Scott
Assistant Stage Manager Joseph Vang 
Intern Christine Hwang


The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
at Artists at Play
August-September 2016

directed by Jeremy Lelliot
Featuring Nelson Lee and Julia Cho

Scenic Design by Se Oh
Costume Design by Rachel Stivers and Emily Brown-Kucera
Lighting Design by Alexander Le Vaillant Freer
Sound Design by Jesse Mandapat
Dramaturg Andrew Knight
Movement Specialist Donna Eshelman
Properties Coordinator by Erin Walley
Stage Manager Jonathan Castanien
Production Manager Jenna Riley
Asst. Stage Manager Cailin Luneburg

Fast Company image

Fast Company at Lyric Stage
March 4-27 2016
Directed by M. Bevin O’Gara

with Michael Hisamoto, Lin-Ann Ching Kocar, Theresa Nguyen and Tyler Simahk

Arshan Gailus – Sound Design
Garrett Herzig – Projection Designer
Cameron Anderson** – Scenic Design
Tyler Kinney** – Costume Design
Annie Wiegand – Lighting Design
Stephanie Hettrick – Props Master
Evan Northrup – Magic Consultant



Nomad Motel
was a part of NewSCRipts at South Coast Rep

on Monday, October 12th at 7:30pm
directed by Bart DeLorenzo
Featuring Jen Dede Kelly, Nelson Lee, Shahine Ezell, Gabriella Rhodeen and Christopher Larkin


Nomad Motel was performed
at The 2015 O’Neill Playwrights Conference on July 22-23 2015.

directed by Bart DeLorenzo
featuring Jen Regan, Gabriella Rhodeen, Nelson Lee, Ruy Iskandar and Shahine Ezell
dramaturged by Anne Morgan
stage managed by Lauren Klein
set design by Arnulfo Maldonado
lighting design by Brian J. Lilienthal
original sound design by Florian Staab


A reading of The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
directed by Snehal Desai, with Julia Cho and Raymond K. Lee

with Artists at Play
April 4th
The Lounge Theater


FC mockup silver

by Carla Ching
November 1-22
at Theater Off Jackson with Pork Filled Productions

Directed by Amy Poisson
With Mariko Kita, Kevin Lin, Sarah Porkalob and Brad Walker

Asst. directed by Maggie Lee
Stage Managed by    Michael Massey
Assistant Stage Managed by    Mattie Voorheis
Light Board Operators    Rebekah Burroughs and Lexi Moerdomo
Sets & Props design    Robin Macartney
Projection Design     Michael Stephens
Lighting Design    Emily Leong
Sound Design    Johanna Melamed
Costume Coordinator Jocelyne Fowler
Fight Choreographer    May Nguyen
Producers    Narea Kang, Maggie Lee, May Nguyen and Roger Tang

Winner of the Seattle Times Footlights Award for one of the year’s
Best Plays on a Small Stage


by Carla Ching
March 12-April 6
at Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY, NY

Directed by Robert Ross Parker
With Stephanie Hsu, Mia Katigbak, Christopher Larkin and Moses Villerama

Set and Lighting Design: Nick Francone
Sound Design: Shane Rettig
Costume Design: Suzanne Chesney
Music Consultant: Ruy Iskandar

The New York Times says “Carla Ching’s “Fast Company,” at the Ensemble Studio Theater, offers a crafty take on the dysfunctional-family tale.”

Ever since she was a kid, all Blue wanted was to be a grifter. So she went to college. Took a class in game theory. Made herself into a new kind of con artist. Now Blue is staring down the barrel of the score of the decade, and everything is going wrong. She has to call her family for help.
Now, they’ll finally see who’s the greatest grifter of them all.



by Carla Ching
October 6 – 27, 2013
at South Coast Rep

Directed by Bart DeLorenzo
With Jackie Chung, Nelson Lee, Lawrence Kao and Emily Kuroda

Set Design: Keith Mitchell
Costume Design: Ann Closs-Farley
Lighting Design: Thomas Ontiveros
Sound Design: John Ballinger
Projection Design: Jason Thompson

Mable Kwan is the best grifter who ever lived. And she raised her kids to be just like her. Son Francis is the top roper around and H, the number one fixer. When daughter Blue surprises them all by putting together the score of the decade, will the entire family get in on the action or will one of them walk away with it all?

Previews: October 6-10, 2013
Opening Night: October 11, 2013
Regular Performances: October 12-27, 2013


The Pacific Playwrights Festival at South Coast Rep
Friday, April 26, at 8 p.m.; Saturday, April 27 at 2:30 p.m.; and 8 p.m. and Sunday, April 28 at 2:30 p.m., in the Nicholas Studio
They’re a family. Sort of. They’re grifters. For sure. But when the biggest con of a lifetime comes along, will money trump loyalty or will they finally settle down for more than a card game?

Fast Company by Carla Ching
directed by Shelley Butler-Hyler
with Louis Ozawa Changchien, Jackie Chung, Emily Kuroda and Christopher Larkin


Big Blind/Little Blind
by Carla Ching
Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm
at Shelter Studios as as part of Salvaged Space with Personal Space Theatrics

directed by Mia Rovegno
with Alfredo Narciso, Jason Liebman, Eugene Oh, Will Harper, Jackie Chung, Cindy Cheung

Fast Company
by Carla Ching
as part of First Light at Ensemble Studio Theatre
Thursday, March 29th
7pm at EST
directed by Linsay Firman
with Michi Barall, Steve Park, Jackie Chung and Christopher Larkin



The Sugar House at the Edge of the Wilderness
by Carla Ching
produced by Ma-Yi Theater Company
The Connelly Theater
Nov 8-Dec 4

directed by Daniella Topol
Featuring Ali Ahn, Cindy Cheung, Bjorn DuPaty, Christopher Larkin, April Matthis,
David Spangler

Set designer: Clint Ramos
Costume Designer: Theresa Squire
Sound Design/Composition: Shane Rettig
Lighting Designer: Japhy Weideman
Projection Design: Alex Koch and David Tennett

photo by Proscenium Photography
photos by Proscenium Photography

Gentrifusion: An Installation of New Work
by Carla Ching, Joshua Conkel, Michael John Garcés, Jon Kern, Janine Nabers and Crystal Skillman
Jan 27-Feb 13th
Presented by Red Fern Theater Company at LABA Theater
featuring “First of the Month” by Carla Ching
directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel
With Rajesh Bose, Wayne T. Carr and Tiffany Villarin


Playing In Traffic
by Bekah Brunstetter, Carla Ching, Laura Eason, Charity Henson-Ballard, Kara Manning, Lynn Rosen, Crystal Skillman, & Andrea Thome
directed by Alice Reagan
Thursday, August 12th
7:00 p.m. and 9:30pm
Ensemble Studio Theatre


Seven.11 Convenience Theatre 2009: The Final Year
Written by Samrat Chakrabarti, Carla Ching, Rishi Chowdhary, Vishakan Jeyakumar, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Rehana Mirza and Eugene Oh
presented by Desipina & Company at Center Stage
June 17th – June 28th, 2009

Directed by RJ Tolan, Kel Haney and Robert Ross Parker
Musical Director: Samrat Chakrabarti
featuring “Closing Up Shop” by Carla Ching
directed by Kel Haney With Cindy Cheung, Jay Lee and Christopher Larkin


by Carla Ching
presented by 2g
March 13-April 5 2008

directed by Denyse Owens
featuring Lloyd Suh, Michi Barall, Nedra McClyde, Dustin Chinn and J. Julian Christopher
produced by 2g and Suzette Porte
Sound design by Shane Rettig
Set design by Nick Francone
Lighting design by Chris Brown
Costumes by Christie Carroll
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center


by Carla Ching, Julia Cho, Andrew Chu, Michael Golamco, David Henry Hwang, Mrinalini Kamath, Chiori Miyagawa, Qui Nguyen, A. Rey Pamatmat and Sung Rno
Produced by 2g at The Public Theater
directed by Lloyd Suh, Assistant Directed by Michael Lew and Rehana Mirza

featuring “The Further Adventures of Little Goth Girl” by Carla Ching
featuring Mariko Barajas, William Jackson Harper, Emily Chang, Don Castro, James Seol