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Fast Company. Samuel French, 2016.

Out of Time & Place (Volume 2).  Edited by Alexis Clements & Christine Evans.  Women’s Project, 2010.
(includes revised version of TBA)

The Best of Seven.11 Convenience Theatre 2003-2009.  Edited by Yasmin Madraswala.  Desipina & Company, 2009.
(includes “Dissipating Heat” and “Closing Up Shop”)

Articles and Interviews

Mu Kicks of 25th Anniversary Season with Carla Ching’s The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
by Rohan Preston
September 8, 2106

Stage and Candor Interview with Carla Ching
by Helen Shaw
August 18, 2016

The Subtext Podcast with Brian James Polak
A podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid.
August 8, 2016

Carla Ching’s play explores the phenomena of ‘motel kids’ and ‘parachute kids’
by Kristina Dorsey
July 21, 2015

Off and On: A New York Theater Podcast with Bernardo Cubria
March 16, 2015

Fast Company Cast Cohesive in Play About Cons, Games and Family
Roxanne Ray
International Examiner
November 11, 2014

Carla Ching, playwright of Fast Company,  talks about the play, the Kilroys and Writing for television
Miryam Gordon
October 29, 2014

The Kilroys Were Here: Moving Female Playwrights Into Production
June 22, 2014

Interview on Asian American Life with Ernabel Demillo
April 4, 2014

Matt Olmos on Fast Company by Carla Ching
NY Theatre Review
March 24, 2014

Carla Ching on Game Theory, Killing Her Darlings, and Her New Play Fast Company
Rich Kelley
March 7, 2014

Ching and DeLorenzo Keep Fast Company with a Flim-Flam Family
LA Stage Times
Samantha Mehlinger
October 11, 2014

Fast Company Looks at Grifting as a Family Business 
Paul Hodgkins
Orange County Register
October 3, 2013

Fast Company Knows How to Play the Game by Deborah Robinson
Rafu Shimpo
October 2, 2013

May the Best Con Win by Kelly Miller
September 30, 2013

Pacific Playwrights Festival Panel “Why this play, now?”
April 28, 2013

The Edge of Togetherness in Carla Ching
Matthew Paul Olmos
Brooklyn Rail
November 2011

Asia Pacific Forum
March 25, 2008

An Interview with Carla Ching for 2g
Dan Rech
March 2008