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Revenge Porn
(3W, 3M)
Full length (100 minutes)
When Kat Chan’s ex-husband posts revenge porn of her online and tags everyone she knows, she has to wrestle with a choice: be humane to someone she used to love or take him out in a very public way? A play about public shaming, ownership of women’s bodies and images, and the earthquakes that come from dissolving a marriage.
O’Neill Playwrights Conference 2021

Nomad Motel
(2W, 3M)
Full length (100 minutes)
Alix lives in a tiny motel room with her mother and two brothers, scrabbling to make weekly rent. Mason lives comfortably in a grand, empty house while his father runs jobs for the Hong Kong Triad.  Until the day his father disappears and Mason has to figure out how to come up with grocery money and dodge Child Services and the INS.  Mason and Alex develop the most tentative of friendships, struggling to survive, and trying to outrun the mistakes of their parents. Will they make it out or fall through the cracks? A play about Motel Kids and Parachute Kids raising themselves and living at the poverty line in a land of plenty.
An SCR Time Warner CrossRoads Commission
2015 O’Neill Playwrights Conference
National New Play Network Showcase of New Plays
Atlantic Theatre Company’s Mixfest
NNPN Rolling World Premiere at  City Theatre Company, Unicorn Theatre Company and NY Premiere at Atlantic Theater Company

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up
(1W, 1M)
Full length, (75 minutes)
As kids, Max and Diana meet on their parents’ date, then are kicked out of the house so their parents can get it on. They are forced to play together even though they aren’t really that fond of each other. Through over two decades of their parents’ tumultuous relationship of getting together, breaking up, getting married and then divorced, Max and Diana are perpetually forced together and become the most unlikely of friends. They see each other through their own marriages and divorces, rehabs and spin-outs, career rejiggerings and epic life fails. But when they actually fall into each other, will they lose the only family they’ve ever known? A play about falling in and out of love with your best friend.
Huntington Theatre Company’s Breaking Ground Festival
Artists at Play
Mu Performing Arts
Midnight Rice
Aurora Theater Company

Fast Company
(2W, 2M)
Full length, (90 minutes)
Mable Kwan is the best grifter that ever lived. She taught sons H and Francis to be the best roper and fixer around. When youngest daughter Blue puts together the score of the decade, will they get in on the action together or will one of them walk away with it all?
An EST/Sloan Commission
South Coast Rep
Ensemble Studio Theatre
Porkfilled Productions
Lyric Stage
Winner of the Edgerton New American Play Award.
Seattle Times Footlights Award for one of the year’s best New Plays on a Small Stage.

The Sugar House at the Edge of the Wilderness
(3M, 3W)
Full-lenth, two acts, 90 minutes
When their adopted parents leave them, Greta and Han are uprooted to Chicago and find themselves in a tiny East Village apartment with their distant rock journalist uncle. In these close quarters, Greta’s rebelliousness turns dangerous. When Greta is institutionalized to learn how to control her impulses, will her treatment bring the family together or tear them apart?
Produced by Ma-Yi Theater Company.

Big Blind/Little Blind
(2W, 4M, 1 of either)
Full-length, two acts, 90 minutes
Big Blind/Little Blind is the first nationally televised game where contestants are literally playing for their lives in high stakes casino games. In order to win a liver transplant when a national plague has left many scrambling to survive, ex-proposition player Will, career temp Linus, siblings Tim and Shelley and line cook Johnny all vie for the audience vote that will give them a chance at a new life. A play with multiple endings where the audience actually does determine who lives and who dies.
Workshop readings by Ma-Yi Theater Company and Personal Space Theatrics.

(2W, 3M)
Full-length, two acts, 120 minutes
When Silas Park’s girlfriend leaves him, he becomes a shut-in, pumping out blistering autobiographical stories in his little Brooklyn apartment. Just as Silas finds himself unexpectedly on the verge of literary stardom as the next Asian American wunderkind, his adopted brother Finn shows up on his doorstep, accusing Silas of stealing his life. A play in two acts, in the crevice between fact and fiction.
Produced by 2g.
Published in Out of Place and Time edited by Alexis Clements and Christine Evans. The Women’s Project.

(2W, 2M)
Full-length, 80 minutes
When Cordelia meets Winston on a Brooklyn rooftop, he is still in love with someone else and she doesn’t want any attachments. So, they do the only thing that makes sense: they get married. A journey through after-hours clubs and late-night dates and illicit meetings in museum exhibits in New York City. Dirty explores the changing notions of marriage and monogamy for the generation that left home, reinvented themselves and never looked back.
Staged readings by IRT and Cannery Works with Stamford Center for the Arts .
Finalist for Cherrylane Mentorship Project and Ignition Festival at Victory Gardens.


“Caught” (1M, 1W) 30 min.
Lenny won’t act her age and neither will her Dad. A play about a father and daughter growing up together.
Produced by No Pants Theater Company at Manhattan Theater Source (2001).

“Closing Up Shop” (1W, 2M) 11 min.
When local legend Old Su has decided it’s time to sell his convenience store, he begins a search to find the right person to take his place at the register. Unemployed young father Sam shows up to take the reigns, if Su will let him.
Produced as part of Seven.11 Convenience Theatre: The Final Year at Center Stage.
Published in The Best of Seven.11 Convenience Theatre: 2003-2009.

“Dissipating Heat” (2W, 1M) 11 min.
Auntie Fatso runs a crackseed store in Honolulu. Omar takes orders for cigarettes and orange juice for delivery from Pink Dot, LA. Michiko works the front counter at M2M, a Japanese convenience store in the East Village, NY. They all work they graveyard shift and dream about the future while haunted by the past. A play of 3 interlocking monologues set in the middle of the night.
Produced as part of 7-Eleven Convenience Theatre by Desipina and Company.
Finalist for the Heideman Award from Actors Theater of Louisville.

“First” (3M, 3W) 45 min.
A daisy chain play about falling for all the wrong people. Actors play multiple parts.

“The Further Adventures of Little Goth Girl” (2W, 3M) 14 min.
Little Red Riding Hood goes Goth and takes on New York City. And she grows up. And she gets confused. And she loses her way. How will she find her way home?
Produced as part of Ten by Second Generation at the Public Theater (2007).

“Girl Bully” (1W, 1M) 30 min.
Albert shows up in a new Brooklyn neighborhood and becomes the new toy of Viv, the resident bully on the block. As they do battle, they slowly start to become friends until Viv is ripped out of Brooklyn and they lose one touch. Many years when Viv comes looking for Albert to teach her how to come home.

“Mending” (1W, 2M) 10 min.
When Corey goes missing, the whole world is looking for her. There may be only one person in the world who can fine her and it’s not at all who you’d expect.
Produced by The Women’s Project as part of “Playing in Traffic” at EST.

“Next Big Thing” (2M) 10 min.
What lengths people will go to in order to invent the “next big thing?” And what happens when the little guy takes on the man. A boxing match between two men locked in a room waiting for straw to be spun into gold.
Produced as part of Vampire Cowboys’ Revamped at the Battle Ranch.