“Dear _________”

Write the letter you have always wanted to write.

I did the following as a play for Dominic D’Andrea’s One Minute Play Festival a couple of weeks ago. I had audience members fill them out and then had a few of them read. It’s my take on a Mad-Lib play. So, now I’m throwing it out there. It came to me because a number of people were making me very angry and I wanted to tell them off. And I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a form for that.

So, take your turn. Cut and paste it into the comment box and fill it out. Hit me back with your letters.

Write the letter you have always wanted to write.

Dear ____________,

This is to let you know that I am leaving you. You are going to ask, “Why?” And I will be honest. When you _________________(action), I feel like _______________________(adjective or similie or metaphor). When you _________________(action), my _________________(body part) _____________(verb). Your _________________ (person, place, thing, habit) and your ____________________(person, place, thing, habit) ______________(verb) me. But most importantly, when you __________________(action), I just don’t ________________(verb) you anymore. I hope you ___________________(verb). Maybe someday, __________________________.

(Please circle) Love, Sincerely, Best regards, Signed, Yours, With Regrets,

______________________(Your name)

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