Ah, yes, we did…

We kept The Magic open.

And Barack Obama took office today.

The 2nd and 4th graders I taught today were so happy they almost leapt out of their skin.

He has asked us to do more.  I am dreaming about how to do my bit, in my corner of the world.  How to keep art in schools.  How to inspire young people to engage their imaginations and creativity and commitment to a better world to investigate curiously and problem-solve the problems of our time.

I’m starting to teach playwriting to young people at Pace tomorrow.  I think I’m going to bring in Anne Bogart’s, “And Then, You Act.”  She says that she asked Chuck Mee if she should be discouraged about the global environment.  She asked, “How are we supposed to function in these difficult times?  How can we contribute anything useful in this climate?”  He answered, “You have a choice of two possible directions.  Either you convince yourself that these are terrible times and things will never get better and so you decide to give up, or, you choose to believe that there will be a better time in the future.  If that is the case, your job in these dark political and social times is to gather together everything you value and become a transport bridge.  Pack up what you cherish and carry it on your back.”

What are you packing?

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