Putting the Soul back in Samurai


Have you seen Soul Samurai yet?

If not, you should.

Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker create a symphony of blaxploitation meets Kurosawa bloodbath in this epic tale of Dewdrop, running through the streets of a war-torn NY to lay vengence on the gang who slayed her true love.  I feel like we have forgotten the Aristotelian element of theater that is what makes it different from TV and everyday life: spectacle.  And they do it like no other in smart, funny, touching ways.  Maureen Sebastian is a stellar hero for the new millenium as Dewdrop, Paco Tolson gives heart and soul to Cert, her sideman and John Hoche, Bonnie Sherman and Sheldon Best wield steel and flesh out multiple characters with ease in this post-apocalyptic tale of love and loss.  And man, Nick Francone can build a world out so that we see subway tunnels, broke down store fronts and our beautiful boroughs on a single stage.

I loved it.  They’re open one more week and they’re selling fast.

After not being able to tell people about Telephone because I was an idiot and went on closing, I vowed to tell people to see things that are moving right now.  Because sometimes it feels like art is all we have right now.

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