September is here…

As such, the school year has booted up again and I’m about to get mad busy.  Started curriculum building at the New Vic yesterday and am very excited to be working on The Enchanted Pig from the Young Vic in the UK.  It is nice to be thinking about how to excite young people for a show before they even get there.  And this one’s a stunner.  Full-blown, mad-cap opera.  Gorgeous.

Also getting ready to train and build curriculum at some of my other TA gigs.  People laugh when I say I have 6 jobs.  But I do.  It’s going to be an interesting year.

And there’s that little matter of the play that I have to get done for Labfest.  I have a month.  No problem.

One thought on “September is here…

  1. 6 jobs? whoa… but if anyone can have 6 jobs and still write a spectacular play in a month- it would be you. you’re a star.

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