The Writing Process

Some people get sheepish talking about their writing process.  Particularly if you find yourself working at the last minute.  Or right up to deadline.  Do you make apologies?  Do you just forgo the sleep?  Do you foist it on some kind soul to read it at the 11th hour and make sure you’re not totally crazy and there is a discernible story there?

I am working up until the 11th hour to get this piece done for the reading.  It is massively nervewracking to put it before an audience, but perhaps that’s the only way to know if it works.  If it feels alright in the mouths of these wonderful actors.  If there is that feeling in the air during the reading.  You know the one.  When we’re all present and inside the story and breathing hard because of what just happened/is threatening to happen/can’t happen.

If you can get a moment or two of those, maybe you’ve got something going on.

So, that is what we’re trying for.  If this play would just cooperate.  I keep trying to whip it into shape and it keeps bleeding around the edges.  C’mon, play.  Stop being so messy and chaotic.  Or be more messy and chaotic.

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