Okay, here’s a question.  How are all of you out there dealing with the larger influx of email communication that we are getting these days?  Is it me, or is picking up the phone more uncommon and in-person meetings too hard to schedule because people are too busy?

I think I am getting upwards of 100 emails a day.  I wish that I were joking.  My gmail is bursting with emails, and that’s after I unsubscribed to a bunch of junkmail.  So, this is really all work-related and personal correspondence.

Who has a good system of filing and responding to all this stuff?  I’m drowning.  As a freelance worker and a writer, those emails are always flowing in faster than I can deal with ’em.  And they’re coming like a river of hot volcano and they’re threatening to burn my house down.


One thought on “Email

  1. I hear you. I have 4 different email addresses. My gmail, my matzel toff! email, my NYU email which forwards to my gmail and my agency email (for my school placement). My gmail and Matzel Toff! each get about 40-50 a day and the other 2 get about a dozen or so a day, for over 100 a day, like you. On top of being facebook and all this other crap, I don’t know how to do it. Where is this headed?

    I personally miss kitchen phones with long cords. And cordless phones. And pay phones. I miss the days of having to pull over to use a phone and really think plans through in advance. I am sick of texting and yet I’ve grown used to it and my fingers have a mind of their own.

    Ugh. Thanks for posting.

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