Lascivious Something, Paris Syndrome, In the Works: Experimentation and Play

What a crazy week. So crazy.

It started off well enough with a weekend of really good theater. You’ve got to see Paris Syndrome at HERE.

It’s a movement meditation on Paris Syndrome, the psychological phenomena afflicting Japanese women who go to Paris and whose romantic perceptions of the place are dashed. It’s surprising and indescribably delightful.

Lascivious Something was the sexiest thing I have seen in a very long time, so I was sorry to see it at closing, so I couldn’t make everyone I know go see it. It’s some of the strongest, textured performances I’ve seen in awhile too. It makes me remember what to reach for, what to cultivate and build with the actors I work with.

2g’s In the Works: Experimentation and Play has been going on this week too. Rehana’s Lonely Leela was a wonderful madcap Alice in Wonderland trip into the internet…with puppets. And Nandita pulled together her charming Lyme Park despite her director having to jump in at the last minute when one of the actors got sick. We’ve got three more to go, and it should be fun.

New Vic had its final meeting of the year yesterday, and the thing that became clear is what a truly incredible community of artists they have. And it is just that–a true, true ensemble. It is what is so difficult to create in theater, because we often flit from project to project. But I realized this:

-We all need a creative home.
-When you are encouraged to take risks and the bar is raised high, you will exceed everyone’s expectations.
-We must remember to play. Theater is play.

One thought on “Lascivious Something, Paris Syndrome, In the Works: Experimentation and Play

  1. What a delight to read your blog, Carla! You are involved with such exciting work, and I understand that you are still working in schools as well. I just started to do a blog myself, although I have no idea how others are going to find it. Dale and I are working on that now. So look for me — the first blog is about finding the money!

    All best to you,

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