I have been on something of a theater marathon lately.  Six days in a row, I went to readings or shows which included War Horse, Tommy Smith’s Fire Men, Don Nguyen’s Red Flamboyant as part of Ma-Yi’s Labfest and Vampire Cowboys’ The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G.  Inspiring.  Then, I got in a car with part of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab and drove 12 1/2 hours to Louisville to see Jordan Harrison’s Maple and Vine and A. Rey Pamatmat’s Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them.  Maple made me think.  Edith made me cry.

The thing about seeing theater this good, a collection of theater this varied, is that it really gets you to thinking about what keeps you in a seat.  What moves you.  What sticks to you like cobwebs for days after you’ve seen something.

I have been trying not to think about this as I hammer away at the rough hewn Fast Company and try to smooth its edges (or keep it jagged in just the right places) and shine it just enough for our First Light reading next Tuesday.  The thing keeps changing on me.  And it’s pushing my capacity.  I’m having to use everything I think I know, and it still might not be enough.  We’ll see.  It’s finally gotten fun to be writing it, so that is a good thing.  Con men.  Magic.  Basketball.  It’s good to have fun.  It’s good to be scared.  Right?

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