September is here…

As such, the school year has booted up again and I’m about to get mad busy.  Started curriculum building at the New Vic yesterday and am very excited to be working on The Enchanted Pig from the Young Vic in the UK.  It is nice to be thinking about how to excite young people for a show before they even get there.  And this one’s a stunner.  Full-blown, mad-cap opera.  Gorgeous.

Also getting ready to train and build curriculum at some of my other TA gigs.  People laugh when I say I have 6 jobs.  But I do.  It’s going to be an interesting year.

And there’s that little matter of the play that I have to get done for Labfest.  I have a month.  No problem.

Voice and Vision

At Bard with Women’s Project Playwriting Lab for Envision, a writing/development retreat put on by Voice and Vision.

It’s 10:23 and I already did yoga, showered, had breakfast and did some writing on a brand new crazy play.

What a gift to get out of the regular roll of life, to somewhere with birds and skunks and trees and stars and space.

And little things to wander upon. Like this:

The Highline

It’s open. I’m speechless.  Maybe these photos can speak for me.  In this very crowded city, it was a wonder to get a little breathing space to think.  Maybe even dream.  And see other people not pushing past each other, but strolling alone or with people they like.  Not in a hurry.  Just…wandering.  Except some crazy guy who decided to jog through there.  But nevermind him.

And the best part is getting to see to see the neighborhood from views I’d never seen it from before.

The Joy of Less

My friend Dustin posted this article by Pico Iyer on what it is to live with less.

Having spent a bit of time in Kyoto, there is a part of me that is envious of the life he has chosen, or rather, where he has chosen to have this austere life.

As artists and teaching artists here in NYC, auterity isn’t so much a choice, especially these days.  But, the way that we embrace it, frame it and enjoy what we do have is within our control.