Shadows, Spring, O’Neill and Turing

So, apparently, he saw his shadow.

6 more weeks of winter.  Sigh.

Have to keep warm in other ways.

In other news, I saw a reading of A. Rey Pamatmat’s Pure at Ars Nova tonight. It is the story of Alan Turing, the man whose theories gave way to the computer and was also persecuted for being gay and given estrogen injections on order of the British government as a “cure.”  I hope that this play comes to you soon, because it is quite something.

Also saw Target Margin’s Ten Blocks to the Camino Royale at the Ohio on Sat with my friend McKenna Kerrigan.  It an early version of O’Neill’s Camino Real.  It reminded me that fantasy is an important place to run around in.  Beautifully acted and realized.  In the cold, in hard times, it’s important to remember the dream life.  Sometimes, questions are answered there.

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